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Sunday Darkwave Authentic 21.25" TT BMX Bike Raiford Matte Dark Brown

Brand: Sunday

Code: SBX-248-MBRN

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Code: SBX-247-MBRN

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Brand: Sunday

All our BMX Bikes are sent flatpacked and require assembly by a qualified cycle mechanic for the warranty to be valid, you can select our Ready2Ride shipping method and we will build the bike and sent it via courier with your warranty all valid, you just need to turn the bars and attatch the pedals. If you wish to collect your bike from our retail store it will come fully built and ready to ride free of charge.

Broc Raiford signature pro-model Sunday Bikes 2023 Darkwave Authentic 21.25" TT BMX Bike Matte Dark Brown. This is a full aftermarket pro-level spec bike as if you built it bit-by-bit from Odyssey and Sunday's best parts. 

Available in Left or Right hand drive option.