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Tall Order 187 V3 Frame Reilly Rose Gold

Brand: Tall Order

Code: FRTA007-GO5-1975

Code: FRTA007-GO5-2040

Code: FRTA007-GO5-2080

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Brand: Tall Order

Keiran Reilly's new Rose Gold colourway in the Tall Order 187 frame has been re-worked with ovalised tapered chain stays to allow for 28 tooth sprockets. It's stand over is now a low 7.5” to facilitate Keiran's multiple whips and the frame features an IC seat clamp and seat stay bridge along with top tube and down tube gussets.

NOTE: The 187 is available in a 19.75" length to accomodate shorter riders, perhaps moving up from 18" wheels. 

Top Tube: 19.75”, 20.4”, 20.8”
Head Tube: 75°
Seat Tube: 71°
Chain Stays: 12.8”
Stand Over: 7.5”
BB Height: 11.6”
Weight: 5lbs 0.2oz (20.4”)