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Tall Order 315 Frame Bohan Gloss Grey

Brand: Tall Order

Code: FRTA003-GY1-2150

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Code: FRTA003-GY1-2180

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Brand: Tall Order



The 315 is Tall Order's "man sized" frame in the Corey Bohan signature Gloss Grey colurway. It has a taller standover and long 21.5 or 21.8" toptube option. 


This beautiful frame is ideal for the taller rider and any rider seeking maximum stability at high speeds. Along with its classic double diamond shape , investment cast 3d seat stay bridge, down tube gusset with raised logo top tube gusset this frame has so been finely tuned down to the very last detail that any enthusiast will be guaranteed to enjoy this frame as much as we do.


The 315 frame is a taller and longer frame with a 9″ stand over and 13.75” back end which allows for a more stable ride. The frame has a new investment cast seat stay bridge and features both top and down tube gussets for added strength. Removable gyro tabs, cable guides and chain stay brake mounts. Lowered chain stays for increased brake clearance. Integrated chain tensioners. 2.6 " tyre and 33t sprocket clearance. A lot of care and intention has gone into every tiny detail of this frame and its the frame I am the most proud of in all of the range.


This frame is made from Japanese Sanko tubing and is designed to be light without compromising on strength.


• Top Tube: 21.5”  /  21.8”
• Head Tube: 74.5°
• Seat Tube: 71°
• Chain Stay: 13.75”
• Stand Over: 9”
• BB Height: 11.7”
• Colour: Corey Bohan Gloss Grey


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