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Tall Order 315 V2 Frame Gloss Black

Brand: Tall Order

Code: FRTA008-BK4-2125

Code: FRTA008-BK4-2150

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Brand: Tall Order

Tall Order's 315 frame in Gloss Black is a longer frame with a 8.8″ stand over and 13.75” back end which allows for a more stable ride. The frame features an investment cast seat stay bridge and both top and down tube gussets for added strength. This frame is made from Japanese Sanko tubing and is designed to be light without compromising on strength.

Top Tube: 21.25”, 21.5”
Head Tube: 75°
Seat Tube: 71°
Chain Stays: 13.75”
Stand Over: 8.8”
BB Height: 11.6”
Weight: 4lbs 14.9oz
Colours: Gloss Raw or Gloss Black