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Tioga Comp III Classic Black 20 Inch Tyre

Brand: Tioga

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Brand: Tioga

When you think of iconic BMX products from the 80's Skyway Tuff Wheels, Shimano DX pedals and the Comp 3 tyre are the ones most people remember. While Tioga's own PowerBlock is more suitable for today's hard pack race tracks, if you want to jam on some loose or muddy dirt you still can't go wrong with the original Comp-III.

Perfect for 90's-on Midschool builds, as illustrated here with this Robinson SST we built. 


• Steel Bead

• APP All-Purpose Rubber

• 20x2.125

• 20x1.75 – 13.40oz; 380g

• 20x1.50 – 11.99oz; 340g

• 20x1-3/8 – 10.38oz; 300g

• 20x1-1/8 – 9.17oz; 260g