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Tioga Power Block S-Spec Race Tyre

Brand: Tioga

Code: TIOTY006BK195

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Code: TIOTY006BK138

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Brand: Tioga

NOTE: These tyres are designed for racing only and not recommended for street riding due to their thin sidewalls. You could use them if you light and don't mind punctures or ripped sidewalls but they don't carry a guarantee for that. 

Now available in folding kevlar S-Spec version. Tioga’s S-SPEC components are produced in limited quantities utilizing choice materials designed for competition at the highest levels. S-SPEC components are identified by an icon bearing the Greek alphabet “Sigma,” which itself represents the “summation of a set” – a fitting symbol for a line of products combining top level technology with top level materials.


Tioga finally come up with a totally new tyre for today's racing. Designed in co-operation with top riders to excel on modern style, hard and fast tracks. A slick centre profile with lightly ribbed cornering tread makes this the fastest BMX tyre in the range. Our Alans BMX/Shimano DXR Team used these to good effect.


• Cylex 120 TPI Casing.
• Folding Bead.
• UTC Rubber (Ultimate Traction Compound).
• 20 x 2.1 – 11.64oz; 330g.
• 20 x 1.95 – 10.76oz; 305g.
• 20 x 1.75 – 10.05oz; 285g.
• 20 x 1.60 – 8.47oz; 240g. 


Tyre sizing info (open in hew window).