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Total BMX Americano Frame Mint

Brand: Total BMX

Code: TOTFR019MI205

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Brand: Total BMX

Americano frame is loose! Full Multi Butted Sanko 4130 Chromoly tubing.
- Head Tube Angle: 75.1º
- Standover Height: 8.25” (centre of BB to centre of TT)
- Rear End Length: 13.3” - 13.55”
- Top Tube: 33mmø Multi butted
- Down tube 34.9mm Multi butted
- Tapered chain stays 19mm-16mm
- Tapered seat stays 19mm-14mm
- BB Height: 11.5”, low and good for stability
- Headtube: Integrated and heat treated
- Removable brake mounts and tabs all included (other brands charge extra)
- Dropouts: 6mm thick heat treated with integrated chain adjusters and CNC cutouts
- External Gussets top and down tube
- Brake Mod, 'DBS' (Dual Brake System)
- Sizes: 20.5”, 20.75”, 21” top tube lengths
- Colour: Mint
- Weight: TBC

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