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Total BMX Killabee K4 18 Inch Frame Bumble Bee

Brand: Total BMX

Code: FRTO014-YE6-1800

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Brand: Total BMX

One of the few aftermarket 18" frames on the market, the Total BMX Killabee K4 is purposely designed to suit the smaller/ younger rider, from tubing choice to geometry this frame is designed to give the younger rider who may not have the physical strength of older riders the best chance at competing and learning new tricks.

Matching TWS fork available. 

Possibly the lightest and most forward thinking 18" 4130 built frame available on the BMX market.

Note- To achieve the desired seat height, the seat post may need to be cut (A suitably qualified person should do this) due to the 'DBS' flutes passing through the seat tube it is also important that the seat post does not touch the brake flutes as per the warning sticker on the frame, any damage deemed to be caused by failure to follow these instructions will not be covered by warranty.