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TRP Donnie Robinson Carbon V-Brake and Lever Set Black

Brand: TRP


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Brand: TRP

BX4-Carbon lever and M920 Linear pull brake.

Pro BMX racer Donny Robinson knows what it takes to ride and win against the worlds best and when we set out to build a brake to live up to his standards, we knew we had to go a step further than anything out there today.

TRP engineers drew upon their a working with exotic materials and came up a brake set that combines our 154g linear pull brake with an innovative new brake lever, with carbon fibre trigger blade.

The TRP Donnie Robinson Carbon lever and v-brake combine for a package that is so light it won’t slow you down out of the gate, but responsive enough to get you out of tight situations.

The Donny Robinson Signature series, the ultimate BMX brake set.

• Linear pull brake
• Unique forged technology
• TT6 Forged aluminium arms
• Kool-Stop® aluminium cartridge pads
• Titanium hardware -Arm length: 102mm
• 154 grams / wheel
• Right hand side lever.