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United Air Jordan Bar Black

Brand: United

Code: UNIHB005BK086

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Code: UNIHB005BK093

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Brand: United

Where to even begin with Jordan Okane. If you are unfamiliar with the name then you have been missing out. Jordan rides transition in ways that you don’t see very often. The most aggressive and mesmerizing style and also not shy of the big 360. When asking Jordan what part he would most like to have as his own he was instant to say a bar. The fussiest of riders we have ever met, attention to detail on dimensions Jordan knew exactly what specs he wanted as if they had been memorized for the day he was asked.

28 wide 8.6 tall 10 degrees back sweep and 2 up sweep with butted tubing. Done! Jordan being the smaller rider only wanted the 8.6 but suggested a bigger size should anyone else take their fancy on some AIR JORDAN bars.

9.3 rise for the taller riders.

Available in Black or Flat Trans Smoked Black

Width - 28”

Rise - 8.6 or 9.3

Up Sweep - 2

Back Sweep - 10

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