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United Still United DVD

Brand: United

Code: UNIDV00200000

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Brand: United

•  After two and half years of travelling, riding and filming we’re stoked to announce that the long awaited STILL UNITED DVD is now available. 

•  Needless to say everyone went in and filmer/editor Peter Adam has put together an amazing piece of work with a raw, uncompromising, feel-good approach. With too many highlights to mention throughout, the video wraps up with one of the gnarliest yet technical sections caught on film to date. 

•  Featuring: Jeff Kocsis, Christian Rigal, Geoff Slattery, Corey Martinez, Alax Valentino, Nathan Wiliams. Plus: Jack Birtles, Harry Mills-Wakley, Sebastian Anton, Dan Boiski, Ian Morris, Jimmy Rushmore, Fernando Laczko, Tom Deville and Nico Terrez.

•  This is United’s first full length project since the epic NORA cup winning THIS IS UNITED and this is set to be another classic.