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Vans BMX Style 114 Shoes Red

Brand: Vans

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Brand: Vans

In this new Spring '23 red colourway, the Vans BMX Style 114 was specifically designed with BMX in mind.

Made to handle the unique support and durability needs specific to BMX, Vans added an integrated toe cap and medial sidewall crank bash reinforcement in addition to DURACAP™ underlays in high-wear areas. Plus, the specifically designed WAFFLECUP™ construction delivers the best combination of pedalfeel and support.

This innovative style also features an internal tongue strap to lock your foot in place and a POPCUSH™ sockliner for extra cushioning and impact protection-to keep you riding longer and progressing faster. It is made with suede, 10 oz canvas, and TecTuff leather uppers.

• VANS WAFFLECUP BMX CONSTRUCTION - A first of its kind in BMX, specifically designed to deliver the best combination of pedalfeel, support, and durability.

• UNRIVALED DURABILITY - Medial sidewall crank bash reinforcement and reinforced DURACAP™ underlays in high-wear areas add unrivalled durability to prolong the life of each shoe.

• POPCUSH CUSHIONING - Our best cushioning and impact protection. POPCUSH™ energy return footbeds protect your feet while helping to lessen leg fatigue for longer rides.

• VDFPR (Van Doren Factory Pedal Recipe) - This is our latest proprietary gum rubber compound, specifically formulated to enhance pedal grip and durability. Tested and approved by the Vans innovation team and the top factory team riders, VDFPR is only available on BMX WaffleCup construction.

This style comes with an additional pair of laces.

Style: VN0A5FCBY401M