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Vans Dakota Roche Mesh Trucker Cap Black

Brand: Vans

Code: VN000673BLK1001

4 Available

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Brand: Vans

• 100% Polyester
• All mesh trucker hat
• Merrow edge patch OS

This season, Vans teamed up with Dakota Roche to build the best collection of BMX footwear and apparel available. This H2T collection introduces the BMX SK8-Hi®238 and includes the BMX Slip-On. It also features a full apparel assortment inspired by Dak’s work ethic and drive. A short sleeve woven in striped demitasse adorns the iconic 1966 workwear patch, and the OTWTM long sleeve tee and mesh trucker round out the look with hand-drawn original artwork by Dak himself. Make easy work of any spot and get the job done in style. Dak × Vans–built for BMX.

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