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Vans Peak BMX x Lewis Mills Shoes Charcoal Grey

Brand: Vans

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Brand: Vans

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Vans BMX team rider Lewis Mills is known for his clean, powerful, and technical riding style. This season, he’s partnered with Vans on a collection that leads with the all-new BMX Peak. Featuring artwork and design inspiration from Lewis himself, the BMX Peak X Lewis Mills was engineered with UltimateWaffle construction to meet the highest performance rigor and deliver superior grip, cushioning, and comfort.

So go ahead, push yourself to the peak of your limit, and see what’s on the other side.


• ULTIMATEWAFFLE™ SOLE: The BMX Peak with UltimateWaffle™ features a full-length, molded UltraCush™ midsole and pedal-tuned outsole design for superior grip.

• MIDSOLE SUPPORT: A molded TPU shank extends from inside out, adding heel and mid-foot support to reduce foot fatigue and maintain functional flex in the forefoot.

• VDFPR (Van Doren Factory Pedal Recipe) - Tested and approved by the Vans® innovation team and the top factory team riders, this is our latest proprietary gum rubber compound, specifically formulated to enhance pedal grip and durability

.• TOE PROTECTION: We’ve added an EVA foam insert underneath the rubber toe cap to increase toe protection.

• UPPERS: An athletic-inspired bootie construction combines tongue, collar, and Luxliner™ for a comfortable and seamless fit, while leather overlays offer durability and support. An added lace pocket keeps your laces from catching in the cranks or chain.

Style: VN0A2Z3UH91