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Vocal BMX DRS Mid Bottom Bracket Upgrade Kit

Brand: Vocal


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Brand: Vocal

What is DRS ? This is a system designed and patented by Vocal, it is a system that allows you to add drag to your cranks to stop them turning when you take your feet off, the system works with a simple plastic drag plate that runs on the outer face of the bearing. The system can be adjusted to suite the individual rider style, so no more searching for your pedals when you do a tail whip they will be exactly where you left them.

Tube spacer with removal slot and adaptor tube for wide and narrow frames (fine tune washer kit)
19mm or 22mm
Driver side alloy bearing cover
DRS System 3 screw adjustment, drag washer for non driver side
2x CNC alloy 3mm spacer shims
Short reach allen kep included
Also available as a complete bottom bracket.