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Volume War Horse V2 Frame Pearl White

Brand: Volume

Code: FMVL1071W

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Code: FMVL1072W

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Brand: Volume

DeMarcus Paul’s signature frame, the War Horse. DeMarcus was very specific in what he wanted in his frame specs; 12.5” slammed chainstay, 75.5º head tube, 9.25” stand over, and CNC’d VLM logo on the hour glass head tube. The War Horse also features Volume’s proven investment casted 7 mm dropouts with built-in chain tensioners, double butted front triangle with both top and bottom gussets for added strength, removable brake mounts, and S chainstays for bigger tire clearance.

DeMarcus Paul Signature Frame 

  • Top Tube: 20.75″ & 21″ 
  • Chainstay: 12.5″ (Slammed) 
  • BB height: 11.7″ 
  • Seat Tube height: 9.25″ 
  • Head Tube Angle: 75.5° 
  • Seat Tube Angle: 71° 
  • Seat Post: 25.4 
  • Headtube: Integrated (45°X45° Campy Spec) 
  • Brake Mounts: Removable Seatstay Mounts 
  • Dropouts: Investment casted with built-in chain tensioners 
  • Color: Pearl White
  • Weight: 5 lbs 2 oz (20.75″)