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We The People Network Frame Black ED

Brand: We The People

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Brand: We The People

Dan Kruk signature frame

One of the most progressive BMX frames ever made, Dan Kruk’s signature network frame has been tested in the lab and in the streets for a solid year and we are now beyond hyped to finally bring it to you.

Dan wanted a shorter 12.5” chain stay and updated geo from the battleship frame, making the network one of the most responsive and agile bmx frames to date. Utilizing our new invest casted yoke for improved stiffness and tire/sprocket clearance, the network frame really is a frame from the future.

Includes our lifetime guarantee


Here what Dan Kruk has to say:

When it came to doing my very own frame design, the first thing I wanted was a shorter 12.5” chainstay. Thanks to the special invest casted yoke the guys in cologne designed, we were able to make the backend shorter without any issues with tire clearance.

I wanted to take the proven hydroformed tubing from the battleship frame since it always made by previous frames indestructible. I did however want to switch things up from the battleship frame and update the geometry slightly so I went with a steeper 75.75 headtube angle and a taller 9.15” standover height.

The network frame features beefed up tubing and extra material in all the right places to make this thing sturdy as an ox.

I couldn’t be more stoked with how this thing turned out!



butted, seamless 4130 chromoly tubing japanese

20.5” / 20.8" / 21.1" TT

12.5" slammed

HT: 75.75 °, ST: 71°

type: mid-bb, width: 74mm, height: 11.85 ", cnc machined and heat-treated

taller 127mm shape, cnc machined and heat-treated, integ. h / set, 

6mm thick laser cut and heat-treated, Dan Kruk signature “hang-free” shape


Dan Kruk signature frame

fully brakeless frame

unique invest casted yoke/wishbone for increased stiffness and tire/sprocket clearance with super short chainstay

hydroformed top and down tube for the strongest possible connection to the headtube

oversize 20.5mm thick seat stays for increased stiffness

super short 12.5” chainstay

steeper 75.75 degree headtube

wider rear triangle allows clearance for a 2.5 " tire

Invest casted seat stay bridge

integrated seat clamp


glossy black ed, hollogram silver, baja blast



A: Top Tube:  20.5”, 20.8" or 21.1"

B: Chain Stay: 12.5

C: Head Tube Angle: 75.75°

D: Seat Tube Angle: 71°

E: Bottom Bracket Height: 11.85”

F: Stand Over Height: 9.15"