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We The People Stallis Bars Black

Brand: We The People

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Brand: We The People

Introducing the Dan Kruk signature bar from WeThePeople. One of the newest additions to the pro squad, Dan Kruk is somewhat of a connoisseur for handlebars so it was only right that we rewarded him with his own signature model. named after his home town in Wisconsin, the Stallis bar is built to withstand Dan’s all out savagery on a bike and comes in both regular 22.2mm and 25.4mm os clamping options.

Material Full Liquid Post Heat-Treatment on 4130 "M2" Crmo

Width 28.5"

Upsweep 2.6°

Backsweep 11°

Rise 9.25" or 8.9"

Clamp Size 25.4mm or 22.2mm

Weight 857g

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