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We The People Supreme Cassette Hub

Brand: We The People

Code: WTPHU20

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Brand: We The People

A long time in the making, our supreme hubs are here.
We really went back to the drawing board and introduced a bunch of new features for this latest incarnation, including a peg friendly 14mm female bolt system that includes 3 sets of bolts in the box, twin bearings in the non-drive side and a new igus bushing switch drive q-lite driver.
The 14mm female bolt system gives you a stronger peg interface and a bombproof axle. Pair it up with our supreme hub guards and you have a super dependable cassette hub ready for battle.


Q-LITE internals, ratchet is machined into 1pc driver for maximum strength

4mm female bolt system, cnc cones

two bearings on non-drive side to increase hub life

switch drive system, RSD/LSD switchable, new one piece pawl & spring system


6061-T6 alloy refined hub-shell


17mm 4130 crmo female axle, fully heat-treated

super tough 14mm crmo bolts in 3 versions, pegless, peg and pegXL (For plastic Pegs)
3 high quality sealed bearings in hub shell

full IGUS bushing driver system


557g / 19.6oz