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YoYo's Pool Kats Adult T-shirt Black/Neon Pink

Brand: YoYo's Pool Kats


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Call us on 01942 826 598 for Availability!


Call us on 01942 826 598 for Availability!


Call us on 01942 826 598 for Availability!


Call us on 01942 826 598 for Availability!

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Brand: YoYo's Pool Kats

There's a new skate gang in town, they're taking no prisoners - and now they have their own T-shirts!

Limited edition white and black on neon pink, printed by hand by Huddersfield Screen Printing.

Printed on Stanley/Stella Creator garments. 100% organic ring spun combed cotton, Global Organic Textile Standard certified, PETA-approved vegan.

‘California’ style, back-print with small breast print on front .

Adult sizes S, M, L ,XL, XXL. 

NB: These seem to run a little small, size-wise, so maybe go up one size. 

Also available in Kids sizes with large front print only (no VAT, so cheaper) here

100% of profits go towards:

  1. Upkeep of local facilities
  2. Raising awareness of skateboarding as a valid activity for girls.
  3. Provision of equipment for girls who want to try skateboarding for the first time.
  4. Details of causes contributed will be made available to view when the run is sold out.  

David wrote: "In these increasingly dark times, here is a little ray of joy! YOYO'S POOL KATS t-shirts to represent our recently-formed, all-girl, skate-gang! This is a limited short print run and will go on sale very soon, available from Alan's Skate Shop, Wigan, both in store and online! Price and order details to follow soon. Thanks to Huddersfield Screenprinting Co for a fantastic job! 100% of profits raised will go towards: A much-needed refurb of Yoyo's Pool, crack repairs and re-paint. Promoting/Encouraging more girls to get into skateboarding Supply of boards/safety equipment for girls that want to give it a go."

Rule The Pool Images:
Model: Shea Roberts
Photography: Rory Hope

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