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BMX Brake Calipers

Dia-Compe BMX Parts Dia Compe AD990 U-Brake
Extra Colour Options Available

Dia Compe AD990 U-Brake


The classic DiaCompe AD990 U brake. Universal fit for front or rear. Available in black or silver. • Tweaked version of the classic BMX U-brake. • ...

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Salt BMX Parts Salt Moto U-Brake
Extra Colour Options Available

Salt Moto U-Brake


The Salt Moto is front and rear compatible BMX U-brake that comes in black or white.  Material: 6061-T6 casted alloy Colours: black, white Features...

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Bicycle Union BMX Parts Bicycle Union The Claw U-Brake Caliper
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

Bicycle Union The Claw U-Brake Caliper


Bicycle Union Claw brake.Forged 6061 Alloy with low stack height giving you maximum clearance. Black, Dark Brown or Green 

Eclat BMX Parts Black Eclat Unit U-Brake
Extra Colour Options Available

Eclat Unit U-Brake


In case you still like to stop without using your feet, eclat’s got you covered. The “Unit” Brake is a low-profile designed brake, compatible ...

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Relic BMX Parts Relic Assist CNC Brake
Extra Colour Options Available

Relic Assist CNC Brake


New CNC machined u-brake from Relic. CNC machined alloy arms.  Long brake pads.  CNC machined brake hanger.  Black or polished silver.  Straddle ca...

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Salt Plus BMX Parts Salt Plus Echo U-Brake
Extra Colour Options Available

Salt Plus Echo U-Brake


Material: 6061-T6 melt forged CNC machined alloy Color: black, silver polished, oil slick Features: incl. saltplus "PROPELLER" clear brake pads and...

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Kink BMX Parts Kink Desist Brake
Extra Colour Options Available

Kink Desist Brake


Kink Desist brakes are fully forged from 7075-T6 aluminum for ultimate stiffness. The unique cable pivots and straddle cable system create a smooth...

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ACS Mid School BMX ACS BOA Brake Caliper  NOS
Extra Type, Colour, Spindle Options

ACS BOA Brake Caliper NOS


What a find! We opened a box and found a bunch of holy-grail Mid School ACS BOA brakes. Front and Rear and also in Blue or Black! (Blue is incredib...

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Odyssey BMX Parts Black Odyssey Evo 2.5 Brake
Extra Colour Options

Odyssey Evo 2.5 Brake


The Odyssey Evo 2.5 brake is a remixed version of the industry leading Evo 2 brake you know and love, with a lot more room for larger, modern tire ...

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