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Rim Tape

BSD BMX Parts BSD Rim Tapes
Extra Colour Options Available

BSD Rim Tapes


Pack of two wide and tough 20" rim tapes from BSD. Black or Carbon Grey.

Halo Rim Tape 24 Inch
Extra Width Options Available

Halo Rim Tape 24 Inch


Halo Rim Tape 24 Inch Shraeder Valve Two rim widths available

Eclat BMX Parts Black Eclat Team Rim Tape

Eclat Team Rim Tape


Conventional rim tape sometimes doesn’t always cover up spoke holes the entire way, but with our extra wide rim tape, the days of pinch flats from ...

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Federal BMX Parts Federal XL Rim Tape (Pair)
Extra Colour Options Available

Federal XL Rim Tape Pair


35mm wide rim tape designed for ever widening rim sizes. Sold as pair.