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Flatland BMX Rims

Lightweight is what you are after for flatland, no need to be jumping off rooftops so a lot of BMX Race Rims cross over giving you that light weight but narrow rim.
Odyssey BMX Parts Odyssey Hazard Lite Rim 36H
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

Odyssey Hazard Lite Rim


A long running standard, the Odyssey Hazard Lite is revered because of its strength, light weight and affordable price. Constantly imitated but nev...

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Halo BMX Racing Halo EX3 20x1.5 Front Race Rim
On Sale Extra Holes, Colour Options Available

Halo EX3 20x1.5 Front Race Rim


The Halo EX3 is lightweight 20x1.5 BMX race rim for Expert use, available in 28 or 32H. These lightweight, semi-aero box section alloy rims ensure ...

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