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BMX Hub Parts

Profile BMX Parts Profile Racing Hex Hub Bolts
Extra Size Options Available

Profile Racing Hex Hub Bolts


17mm Hex bolts offer a 3/8 bolt with a 17mm socket and 8mm allen option. There are two versions available:  •  3/8 (10mm). •  3/8 (10mm) to 14mm.

Halo BMX Parts Halo Axle Washer
Extra Size Options Available

Halo Axle Washer


Price is for just one single washer Steel Black Hub Washers M10 x 19mm x 3mm or 14.5mm x 27mm x 3mm Supplied in singles

Odyssey BMX Parts Odyssey 1/8 Cassette Cog
On Sale Extra Size Options Available

Odyssey 1/8 Cassette Cog


Genuine Odyssey cassette cog in 12, 14 or 16T sizes.  • For 1/8" single speed chains (work not work with narrow 3/32" multi speed chains). • Shiman...

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Odyssey BMX Parts 14mm (Pair) Odyssey Axle Bolts

Odyssey Axle Bolts


Replacement 14mm or 3/8" axle bolts for all current production GSport, Odyssey, or Sunday hubs. 14mm bolts are sold in pairs.3/8" are sold individu...

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Proper BMX Parts Proper Cassette Cog RHD
Extra Size Options Available

Proper Cassette Cog RHD


• Replacement cog for old-style Proper cassette hubs.  • If your Proper hub has a screw on cog - this is the replacement for it. • Does fit other s...

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