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Flatland BMX Cranks

A selection of cranks available from 155mm hand picked with what we know flatland riders use.
Odyssey BMX Parts RHD / 170mm / Rustproof Black Odyssey Thunderbolt + Cranks
On Sale Extra Drive, Arm Length, Colour Options Available

Odyssey Thunderbolt + Cranks


The new Odyssey Thunderbolt cranks are available now. Some aesthetic updates to the previous Twombolt crank should be immediately clear, but the bi...

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BSD BMX Parts BSD Substance Cranks
On Sale Extra Arm Length, Colour Options Available

BSD Substance Cranks


• Single bolt design, 2.5pc cranks.• Heat treated 4130 chromoly arms with rectangular cross section for increased stiffness. • Heat treated 4130 ch...

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Odyssey BMX Parts Odyssey Calibur V2 Cranks
On Sale Extra Colour, Arm Length Options Available

Odyssey Calibur V2 Cranks


One of Odyssey's strongest set of cranks are back! Utilising a hollow chromoly 22mm spindle to save weight, and 4130 Chromoly Arms for strength you...

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Cult BMX Parts Cult Crew Cranks Black
Extra Arm Length Options Available

Cult Crew Cranks Black


Wrap around gusset design. 3 piece tubular design with heat-treated swaged Chromoly arms, 1 piece spindle/ sprocket boss, 19mm hollow Chromoly spin...

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Ares BMX Parts Ares XX Alloy Flatland Cranks
Extra Colour, Arm Length Options Available

Ares XX Alloy Flatland Cranks


Newly designed XX aluminium arms. For flatland or smaller wheeled BMX bikes that would benefit from a lighter crank.  Uses 19mm 48 spline spindles...

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