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If you have a question about this product, want to know more information or just have a general question please fill out the form below and let us know what you are looking at, and what you would like to know. Alternatively you can call us on 01942 826598 if it is urgent.


Free Gifts

To reward our customers we offer free gifts depending on how much you spend and special offers depending on the products you buy.


Free Shipping over £100

We offer free shipping in Mainland UK on all order over £100. If you live outside Mainland UK (Scottish Highlands, Channel Islands etc) Then we may contact you for shipping charges for your order.


Free United Socks with orders over £120

Select your free United socks automatically at checkout when you spend over £120 online.


Free Custom Bike Building

We offer free build if you order a full custom bike from us, whether its New School or Old School. We will put all the parts and build the bike, then flat pack it ready for shipping with minor assembly at the other end (Front wheel, Handlebars and Pedals)


Free Bottom Bracket Install

Free Bottom Bracket install when you purchase a Bottom Bracket with your new frame, just let us know in checkout you want it fitting! (We also offer 50% new BBs with frames automatically at checkout)