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Flatland BMX Seats

BSD BMX Parts BSD 2019 Logo Seat Black
On Sale Extra Size Options Available

BSD Logo Seat Black


Seating simplicity, the new ‘Logo’ seat is a throwback to simpler days in the saddle. Black Kevlar only... A choice of three sizes. ...

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Autum Bikes BMX Parts Autum Bikes Alloy Seatclamp
Extra Colour Options Available

Autum Bikes Alloy Seatclamp


Superlight traditional seat post clamp with AUTUM logo on the frontside. Weight: 20gSize: 26.8mm diameter

Heresy BMX Parts Black Heresy Reign IV Combo Mid Seat

Heresy Reign IV Combo Mid Seat


Our popular REIGN III mid seat now available as a seat/seat post combo. Black canvas/Rubber bumper and a 25cm black seatpost, only 347g!

Heresy BMX Parts Heresy Reign Pivotal Seat
Extra Colour, Type Options

Heresy Reign Pivotal Seat


Small flatland/street seat, including a small handle. 256g  Black, brown or grey. Pivotal system