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BMX Seatclamps

Mirage Old School BMX Mirage ST Seatclamp 28.6mm
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

Mirage ST Seatclamp 28.6mm


Iconic design 1980's alloy seatclamp to fit modern freestyle bikes.  •  Standard 28.6mm ID for use with 25.4 seatpost on cro-mo frames -  so most m...

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Haro Lineage Seatclamp
Extra Colour Options Available

Haro Lineage Seatclamp


  New issue Haro Lineage seat post clamp with a Peregrine flavour. Black or silver in 28.6mm to fit modern bikes with 25.4mm seatposts.  As fitted ...

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Salt BMX Parts Salt AM Seat Clamp Alloy
Extra Colour Options Available

Salt AM Seat Clamp Alloy


Material: 6061 T6 alloy, cnc finish Size: for 25.4mm seat post frames Color: black, oil slick or high polished Features: simple slim one bolt seat ...

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Alans BMX Wheelie Parts ID QR Seat Clamp
Extra Size Options Available

Identiti QR Seat Clamp


A neat, easy adjust, unobtrusive, lightweight forged alloy quick release clamp and lever combination. Features Forged 6000 series alloy clamp. Fo...

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ETC BMX Parts ETC QR Seat Clamp
Extra Colour, Size Options Available

ETC QR Seat Clamp


ETC Seatclamp in Quick Release available in different sizes. Black or Silver Perfect for your Race BMX bike

Kalloy Old School BMX Kalloy BMX-C Seatclamp
On Sale Extra Colour, Size Options Available

Kalloy BMX-C Seatclamp


Kalloy seatclamp in 25.4mm for use on old school steel frames with a 22.2mm (7/8") seatpost. Black or silver.

Autum Bikes BMX Parts Autum Bikes Alloy Seatclamp
Extra Colour Options Available

Autum Bikes Alloy Seatclamp


Superlight traditional seat post clamp with AUTUM logo on the frontside. Weight: 20gSize: 26.8mm diameter