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Skateboard Bolts, Tools, Misc

Sushi Ninja Skateboard Tool
Extra Colour Options Available

Sushi Ninja Skateboard Tool


Skate board tool - Covers Kingpin, wheels nuts, and truck bolts both phillips and allen headed.

Tech Deck BMX Parts Tech Deck BMX Bike

Tech Deck BMX Bike


NOTE: BRAND & GRAPHICS ARE RANDOM Get the best in replica miniaturised BMX bikes with Tech Deck BMX Freestyle Hits! With real metal bikes with...

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Alans BMX Bones 1/8" Skateboard Truck Risers

Bones 1/8" Skateboard Truck Risers


The 1/8'' Bones Riser Pads do so much. A medium hard riser. Sold in set of 2. Helps prevent wheel bite, vibration, and board cracks.