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Flatland BMX Stems

Flatland Stems are usually shorter than most other stems for BMX Bikes. This means a more twitchy ride at speed but for balance they are alot easier to predict.
Colony BMX Parts Colony EXON V2 Stem
Extra Colour, Reach, Clamp Size Options Available

Colony EXON V2 Stem


The Colony Exon II BMX stem has been designed with flatland riding in mind with the shorter reach but some do run these who ride street/park and ju...

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Heresy BMX Parts Black Heresy Hood Stem Pad

Heresy Hood Stem Pad


Fully moulded rubber stempad to protect your knees from impact and contact with your stem.  

THR33 BMX Parts Thr33 v2 Stem
Extra Colour Options Available

Thr33 v2 Stem


Designed by UK flatland legend Jason Forde, the v2 version of the Thr33  ( or Three ) stem is a top loader, CNC machined aluminium with a 33mm reac...

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S&M Bikes Redneck FLT Stem
Extra Colour, Reach, Clamp Size Options

S&M Bikes Redneck FLT Stem


The S&M Bikes Redneck FLT flatland specific version of the most popular BMX stem ever. Made in USAGrade 8 Allen head hardwareOnly 217g (7.65 o...

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