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V12 Finance FAQ

V12 Finance - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount for finance?
The minimum spend for 12 Month Interest Free Finance with V12 is £300.

I am outside the UK can I apply for V12 Finance?
No, V12 finance is only for residents of the United Kingdom, we cannot do applications for people from outside this.

How can I make a payment to my account?
Payments to your account can be made by Direct Debit instruction to your bank alternatively, payment can be made by telephoning our customer services team on 029 2046 8900 using a debit card, or sending a cheque/postal order, made payable to Secure Trust Bank plc. Please send your cheque or postal order to V12 Retail Finance Limited, 20 Neptune Court, Vanguard Way, Cardiff CF24 5PJ.

How do I change my address and contact details?
To update your details, you need to contact our Customer Service team on 029 2046 8900. For security reasons we are not able to accept requests to change contact details via email.

What is my monthly payment?
To check your monthly payments, please refer to your pre-contract information or finance agreement alternatively, call our customer services team on: 029 2046 8900.

How can I set up a direct debit?
Direct Debit instructions can be taken over the telephone, please allow 10 working days to set up payment with your bank; alternatively you can request a direct debit mandate to be sent to your home address.

How will I know when my payments start?
Either 4 weeks from the date the goods were shipped to you, or 4 weeks from the date of the finance agreement, whichever is the latest.

Can I change my payment date?
Yes, you can change your payment date by telephoning our customer services team on 029 2046 8900.

Can I change my direct debit details?
Yes. Any change to bank or account details can be changed by telephoning our customer services team on 029 2046 8900.

Can I make additional payments into my account and will my monthly installments decrease?
Yes you can make additional payments by debit card or cheque. Your monthly installments will remain the same however your finance agreement will be paid off much quicker.

How can I make a complaint?
We aim to provide you with the highest standard of service, however, if we fail to meet your expectations we encourage you to speak to us so that we can put matters right. Your initial concerns should be sent in writing to our address for the attention of Customer Services Manager or alternatively, e-mail details of your complaint to;