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BMX Racing

BMX Racing is where we started, on the prototype tracks of the UK in 1980. Travelling around to whatever there was a race, on a field, on a carpark, indoors with wooden jumps it didn't matter. At the end of 1981, when the dust settled on very first UKBMX National series, our Alans Robinson and Alans Torker riders all finished high, with Alan taking the 16+ class No.1 title. Throughout the 1980s and the 90's we continued to support riders through the lean times and with renewed vigour in 2006 won the British Cycling No.1 Team award three years running with our Avent/Bombshell and Supercross BMX team supported by Madison and Shimano DXR then again in recent times with our Alans BMX GT Heritage and Alans Supercross Factory team.

Alans Robinson Team, BMX Action Bike ad, 1982.
Tony Holland,  Gary Fenwick, Craig Borrows, Mark Peat, Alice Temple, Mark Nelson, Alan Woods. 

So, if you need to know about BMX Racing, we are the place to come to for advice on sizing and what works best. We still the best BMX race parts from Supercoss BMX, Speedline, GT, Fly Racing, Radio, Stay Strong, Box, Beringer, Elevn, A'ME, Tioga, Renthal, 100% and more.  

Halo BMX Racing Halo Clickster Freewheel
On Sale Extra Cog, Colour Options Available

Halo Clickster Freewheel


Clickster Freewheels : Top quality screw-on Freewheels for the discerning single speed rider that wants super quick pick-up... High strength Cr-Mo...

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Halo BMX Parts Halo MXF Front Hub Black
Extra Holes, Colour Options Available

Halo MXF Front Hub


Our Alans BMX Race Team swear by Halo MXF hubs and at a mere 155g the MXF is a super light race hub and yet strong enough for freestyle. Smooth se...

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Dia-Compe BMX Racing Black / Front Dia-Compe MX-2 V-Brake
Extra Colour, Position Options Available

Dia-Compe MX-2 V-Brake


Quality DiaCompe MX-2 Lo-Pro V type brake available in black, polished silver or red. Matching MX-2 lever available.  •  Cold forged, dual spring a...

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Shimano BMX Racing Shimano DX Cassette Cog
Extra Size, Colour Options Available

Shimano DX Cassette Cog


Shimano DX Quality 3/32 cog. So can be used with narrow 3/32 race chains as well as the wider 1/8" single speed chains. • Can be used on new or old...

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Box BMX Racing Blue Box Two Chain Tensioners
Extra Colour Options Available

Box Two Chain Tensioners


Box Two™ Chain Tensioners let you dial in your chain tension so it's just right. Two mounting holes provide room for ample adjustment on most 3/8" ...

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Renthal BMX Racing Renthal Moto Bars
On Sale Extra Rise Options Available

Renthal Moto Bars


The Renthal Moto bar, make in the UK, used by top Pro BMX racers the world over and our Alans BMX Race Team, it's comes in three sizes: 5.6" (cruis...

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Gusset BMX Racing Gusset S2 Lock On Grips
Extra Colour, Compound Options Available

Gusset S2 Lock On Grips


The grip of your dreams!Utilising different size diamond knurling top and bottom, and eccentric core to give more padding on the topside and under ...

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Box BMX Racing Box 3 Chain Tensioners
Extra Colour Options Available

Box 3 Chain Tensioners


Adjusting chain tension is quick and easy with the new Box Three™ Chain Tensioner.   With a single hole "lollipop" design, these tension...

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Shimano BMX Racing Shimano DXR V-Brake
On Sale Available

Shimano DXR V-Brake


• Lightweight and powerful forged aluminium DXR rim brake for BMX racing.• Cartridge system makes it easy to replace brake pads without disturbing ...

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Box BMX Racing Box One Chain Tensioners
Extra Colour Options Available

Box One Chain Tensioners


Box One™ Chain Tensioners are extruded then CNC-machined from 7075 aluminium for an optimal balance of strength and weight. A minimalist design add...

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