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Cycle 2 Work and Cyclescheme FAQ

Get your next BMX through your employers Cycle to Work scheme

Skyway Old School BMX Orange Skyway Street Beat 2024 Complete Bike

We accept almost all Cycleschemes from most providers including:

Green Commute Initiative, CycleScheme, Cycle2Work, Ride2Work, Vivup and more!

How much will be order be?

With any cyclescheme voucher we are unable to offer the discounts displayed on our website and all items must be full price. This is because the schemes take a large percentage of the sale so it does not cost you, as the consumer, any more. You make your savings through the scheme itself depending on your tax bracket

How do I get my voucher?

If you require a quote for your HR department or to submit through a web portal please get in touch on and we can sort this for you. Each scheme is different so please speak to your reprisentative at your company to get the exact details on how it works

Can I spend more than my voucher?

No you cannot 'top up'  a voucher with cash.

Is there anything I cannot get?

Each scheme has varying rules but the general idea is that if it helps you get to work you can get it with the exception of cycling computers, turbo/home trainers, childs seats and other non essential commuting items. Please check out your scheme providers website for an exact list.

How do I redeem my voucher with you?

Please email what you want to order with a copy of your voucher and photo ID to and they can assist you.