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Peg Sleeves

Cult BMX Parts Cult Butter Plastic Peg Sleeve Single
Extra Colour, Length Options Available

Cult Butter Plastic Peg Sleeve Single


Single replacement outer sleeve for the Cult Butter 115mm or 105mm Peg. Not compatible with the Butter Light Pegs. Price is for ONE peg.   

Kink BMX Parts Kink Drift Plastic Peg Sleeve
Extra Length, Colour, Type Options Available

Kink Drift Plastic Peg Sleeve


Replacement sleeve for the Drift Peg. Sold individually. TECH SPECS Material Nylon Composite

United BMX Parts United Stealth Peg Sleeve
Extra Colour, Size Options Available

United Stealth Peg Sleeve


Replacement Stealth Nylon Peg Sleeve. Sold individually.   We are not the first company to make a peg with a nylon sleeve, I doubt we will be th...

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