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BMX Hubs

Buy any hub and rim together and get FREE Spokes and Free Wheel Building. Thats right we will build the wheel up for you for free and send it out ready to fit your tyre and slide into the frame.

Just add the Hub and Rim to the cart and a popup will appear asking what colour spokes you would like. Easy!

Halo BMX Parts Halo MXF Front Hub Black
Extra Holes, Colour Options Available

Halo MXF Front Hub


Our Alans BMX Race Team swear by Halo MXF hubs and at a mere 155g the MXF is a super light race hub and yet strong enough for freestyle. Smooth se...

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Profile Racing BMX Parts Profile Racing Mini Front Hub
Extra Colour, Axle Material Options Available

Profile Racing Mini Front Hub


The Profile Racing Mini Hub has been an industry standard for years now and shows no sign of slowing down. Original design for BMX racing as the mi...

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BSD BMX Parts BSD Revolution Hub
On Sale Extra Colour, Drive Options Available

BSD Revolution Hub


BSD introduces a new generation of freecoaster hubs - the BSD Revolution feels like a cassette hub, weighs the same as a cassette hub, has a pedal...

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BSD BMX Parts BSD Swerve Front Hub
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

BSD Swerve Front Hub


The Swerve front hub from BSD has a new shaped shell to match the new Swerve Cassette hub. Featuring the same hardware as the proven Front Street P...

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Tall Order BMX Parts Tall Order Glide Front Hub
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

Tall Order Glide Front Hub


The Glide front hub was designed to complement Tall Order's Drone rear hub with silver alloy cone nuts and nickel plated 10mm bolts. Sealed bearing...

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