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Tool & Lubricants

Tools to keep you riding your BMX. Spoke keys, Socket sets, Chain Tools, Grease and more.
United Misc United BMX Tool Kit

United BMX Tool Kit


The new United BMX Tool Kit features most of the tools needed to build up your bike, all contained within a handy pocket sized zippered bag making ...

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Cult Chain Breaker Tool

Cult Chain Breaker Tool


Cult Chain Breaker Tool with replaceable pins stored safely in a removable cap. Works with regular and half link chains. 

Odyssey BMX Parts Odyssey Switch Pack
Extra Colour Options Available

Odyssey Switch Pack


Turn your BMX bike into a mule with the new Odyssey Switch Pack. Carry all your stuff around and then clip it off and toss it over your shoulder to...

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United Misc United Velcro Cable Strap
On Sale Available

United Velcro Cable Strap


Single velcro strap perfect for keeping your brake cable tidy and out of the way on your frame.

Alans BMX Cult BMX Tool Kit

Cult BMX Tool Kit


Everything you need to build you bike on the go. Comes in a small zippered bag that easily fits in your pocket or backpack.  1x 6mm Hex1x 8mm Hex1...

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Alans BMX POS Topeak Shuttle 1.2 Tyre Levers
On Sale Available

Topeak Shuttle 1.2 Tyre Levers


Made from high strength matrix polymer and engineering grade reinforced plastic. Rigid, strong and durable.   Come as a pair

Odyssey BMX Parts Odyssey 13T Freewheel Remover

Odyssey 13T Freewheel Remover


If you're rocking a classic 13t freewheel setup, here's a removal tool to help you take it off. Works on Odyssey 13t freewheel only.