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Here at Alans we love skateboarding. From Alan skateboarding on a Scuda back in 1977 to us travelling all over the country to skate spots between BMX races in the second wave in the 80's, it's always meant a lot to us here. 

We support local and international brands from Avenue based in Manchester to Twisted Lemon, Death, Heroin, the classics from Powell, 101, Santa Cruz and New Deal to pretty much everything else: Flip, Cliché, Anti Hero, Alien Workshop, Krooked, Birdhouse, Blind, Darkstar, RIPNDIP, Madness, Almost, Enjoi, Tony Hawk, Primitive, more than we can even remember right now. 

We sell ready to skate completes plus Decks, Trucks, Bearings, Wheels, Rails and everything else you need to put a skateboard together. 




Sushi Ninja Skateboard Tool
Extra Colour Options Available

Sushi Ninja Skateboard Tool


Skate board tool - Covers Kingpin, wheels nuts, and truck bolts both phillips and allen headed.