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Flatland BMX Tyres

Flatland BMX Tyres are usually narrower 1.75'or 1.90" and light weight compared to modern street tyres and share more in common with BMX race tyres for that high PSI and grippy but light combo.

Don't forget to pick up a pair of Tubolito tubes for the full lightweight set up.

Oxford Oxford Inner Tube 20 Inch

Oxford Inner Tube 20 Inch


Quality innertube from Oxford in 20 x 2.10 with a Schrader valve. Works for tyres up to 2.40 with no problems.

Heresy BMX Parts Heresy Zephyr Flatland Tyre
Extra Width, Colour, Bead Type Options Available

Heresy Zephyr Flatland Tyre


This is IT! The first all new flatland tyre in years and's getting rave reviews all  over! 175" or 1.90" lack or skinwall Steel bead or save 58g wi...

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Eclat Eclat Mugen Tyre
Extra Colour, Size Options Available

Eclat Mugen Flatland Tyre


The éclat Mugen tyre. Designed by éclat exclusively for flatland riding. Featuring a unique race-spec rubber compound for minimal rolling resista...

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