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Wheel Building

If you buy any Hub AND Rim from us you get FREE Spokes in Silver or Black and we will build the wheel for you Free of Charge. When you add a Rim and Hub to the Basket it will ask you automatically in a pop up if you want to do this.

We can custom build any hub and rim combination you would like.

  • Wheel building when you buy all the parts from us at the same time is free.
  • If you wish to supply your own parts, or just have a new hub or rim fitted we can build this for you to the highest standard.
  • Due to the problems faced truing a used rim, we normally ask we build a NEW rim, although we will accept rims in "as new" condition.
  • We cannot reuse used spokes. Do not worry about the spoke length we will select the correct one for hub/rim combo.
  • IMPORTANT if you are stripping your own wheel YOU MUST REMOVE THE FREEWHEEL (if freewheel type) FIRST! If you do not do this we cannot get the freewheel off and we are all stuffed.
  • Before sending your parts you must email or call 01942 826598 to obtain a Returns Number so we know what parts are coming in. Likewise, contact us first if you have any questions.

Over the past few years we have built up a reputation for our quality wheel building. In fact I feel we can stick our neck out and say we build the best custom wheels in the country. We are fortunate enough to have a master wheel builder who does all our wheels and has many years of experience. In our experience he is infallible, he has NEVER built a wheel wrong for us. You can be sure that every custom wheel we supply has the correct length spokes (no popped innertubes), is super-true and has lots of spoke tension - it will also be supplied with free high quality rim tape even if the rim doesn't come with it so all you have to do is pop your tyre on (Or we can fit your new tyres), pump it up and go ride!

We quote 7 days for custom wheels providing all parts are available, to cover us during busy periods, but this is usually less. Numerous Pros have used our wheels over the years. If there is a rim or hub we do not list do not hesitate to contact us. You can order these via telephone, in our new shop or online at

Wheels are one of the most important parts of your bike and one of the first riders try to upgrade - new wheels can add strength, save weight, improve performance (roll faster) and reduce maintenance (sealed bearings). We offer a wide range of ready built wheels off the shelf ready to ship same-day but we also offer a custom wheel building service so you can select the perfect wheels for your budget and type of riding. 

Wheel building is free when you buy the hub, rim and spokes at the same time.

We have also started to put examples of the custom build wheels that we have made for customers up on the site, to give you an idea of what the wheel looks like with that particular rim and hub combo, but you can order these as well.


If you just want to order spokes on their own for you existing wheel and do not know the length, just select ANY LENGTH option - then at checkout in the comments box tell us:

  1. Make and model of rim you have.
  2. Whether it is 28, 32, 36 or 48 hole.
  3. The make and model of the hub you have.
  4. Front or Rear.
  5. How many cross lacing you are using

We typically recommend 3 cross 36H and 4 cross 48H.

With this information we will send you the right length. Due to the work involved calculating spoke length we can only provide spoke length after you have ordered them. Dont worry we will make sure you get the correct size.