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Returns and Refunds

Mailorder Returns and Refunds
Goods - especially clothes must be returned to us in as new condition (that means no cat hairs or after-shave) in the original packaging - and must be returned to us within 7 days of receipt.
To enable us to process your return efficiently please email to obtain a Returns Number which must be marked clearly on the outside of your box. This allows us to process you return quickly. Items returned to us without a returns number on the outside of the parcel will regrettably be refused. Please write a note telling us what you would like us to (exchange/credit note/refund).
If the item was sent in error we will only pay up to a maximum of 4 pounds on returns postage if the item was sent in error on our part. Do NOT send back items using Special Next Day service, we will not refund the cost of this. In the event of a exchange we ask you to cover the postage of the item back to us and we shall reciprocate by sending your replacement/s back post free. If you are just returning the item for other reasons you are liable to cover the return postage.
Any Goods returned which do not comply with the return of goods policy will be returned to the customer and will not be accepted for refund until such time that the above conditions are met. This does not affect your statutory rights.
If you are unclear about any of this then please call before ordering.


We are happy to exchange or refund your goods in full (excluding postage on refunds).
Credit and debit cards are refunded electronically to your Credit/Debit card account. Paypal is refunded to you Paypal account. All other refunds are made by cheque.
These terms only applies to mailorder transactions, in store policy may vary.

Ordering from the website you agree to the listed terms and conditions. This does not affect your statutory rights.