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Flatland BMX Frames

Specific frames for flatland are usually shorter and more steep on the fork angle aiming more for balance than stability at speed
Heresy BMX Parts Raw (Mat Coating) / 19 / Brakeless Heresy AscenD X Flatland Frame
Extra Colour, Top Tube, Brake Mounts Options Available

Heresy AscenD X Flatland Frame


The X is a 19″ (new!) (or 19.5'') top tube frame combining the classic AscenD 19″ short geometry to the 20″ shape. New frame following the success ...

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Heresy BMX Parts Heresy AscenD Flatland Frame
Extra Top Tube, Colour, Brake Mounts Options Available

Heresy AscenD Flatland Frame


Flatland specific frame from premium French brand Heresy. Available with classic Short Flatland Geometry or the new Street inspired longer top tube...

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