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Dia-Compe AD-996 Fiesta Hombre U-Brake Front or Rear

Brand: Dia-Compe

Code: BCDC96UK

Code: BCDC96US

Code: BCDC96UW

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Brand: Dia-Compe

The DiaCompe Hombre is a great upgrade for a bikes using a U-brake and can be run front or rear. 

• Universal - Fits Front or rear, double or single cable routing.
• Low Profile U-brake with V-type brake shoes.
• ESSENTIAL upgrade from the standard U-brakes that come on most bikes, pound-for-pound the best way to improve your brakes!
• Cold forged aluminium arms.
• Independent Dual tension springs.
• Low-pro 2 coil stainless springs & alloy caps.
• Complete with Hombre V-type pads.
• Comes with green fiesta pack.
• Mounting bolts, bridge, straddle cable & cable tidy included

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