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Odyssey G1 Lower Brake Gyro Cable

Brand: Odyssey


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Brand: Odyssey

Invented by Brian Scura in the mid 80's, these are brand new genuine original vintage BMX Odyssey Gyro 1 lower cables and are 1st generation in original packaging.

Suitable for Gyro 1 1st generation 1" Odyssey Gyros.


Comes with adaptor to fit Tech-3 stye levers replacing the standard ferrule.


These are confirmed genuine original 1st generation oldschool Odyssey Gyro 1 cables, there are errors in the packaging from a production problem at the time. These came from the original UK Odyssey distributor at the time taking the last of their original early 90's stock. 


The lowers single cable housing measurement from the Y split junction is 73cm, and the total cable length including split junction is 87cm. Good old, oldschool quality we used to know back in the day!


Odyssey was founded in 1985 with one of it's first products being the famous Odyssey gyro cable detangler. In our vintage odyssey range from Odyssey we have levers, cables, seat clamps, seats....

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