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Etnies Shoes and Clothing

Still independetly owned, Etnies is a brand synonymous with BMX. From the Backyard Jams of the Noughties to the landmark signature shoes from Ruben Alcantara, Joe Rich and Taj Mihelich and of course the Forward, Grounded and Chapters videos that changed the face of BMX, Etnies is probably the most important non-bike brand in BMX. Today with a roster of top Pro BMX riders, Etnies is back at the top of their game.

"Every Shoe Plants a Tree,"
Started in 2011, by April 22, 2015, Etnies celebrated Earth Day by announcing a milestone in the Buy A Shoe Plant A Tree program: its one millionth tree planted. By 2019 it had planted 2 million trees.
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Etnies x Doomed T-shirt
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Etnies x Doomed T-shirt


Etnies x Doomed 100% Cotton 6 oz. jersey T-shirt. Set-in rib collar. Shoulder-shoulder taping. Double needle sleeve bottom hem. Etnies woven ...

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