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S&M Bikes Challenger Reissue Custom Bike Chrome

Brand: S&M Bikes

Code: SMCH2902024

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Brand: S&M Bikes

Whoa! Here we have a custom build S&M reissue 2022-Limited Edition of the classic Challenger frame, made in USA of course! 21" toptube with American size bottom shell bracket and 1" headtube. These frames are now sold out. We then hand-picked quality parts from S&M, Odyssey, Dia-Compe, Redline and more.

Originally released in 1993, the Challenger frame and fork kit was conceived in a golden era of BMX when racing and trail riding could be done on the same bike. It quickly became one of S&M's best-selling frames ever… and now, 30-years later, they are bringing it back.

According to our March 1994 “S&M Action” catalog:
“The new Challenger frame has become a pretty hot number with avante garde hot dogs across the U.S. of A. It’s constructed of aircraft-grade 4130 chromoly and TIG welded for optimum strength and performance. The Challenger’s rear end features a monostay for stiffness, chromoly dropouts for strength, and press-fit head tube reinforcement rings to resist for/aft fork movement. Yes Martha, these are class construction techniques. The lightweight contender come in Pro and Pro XL sizes to fit even the most finicky Moto monsters. Every Challenger comes with a top tube-mounted gear chart that flat reeks of trickness. Challenger forks are designed light, tight, and out of sight to slip silenty past flying cones and ruptured hay bales during intense berm warfare sessions. Watch the lights carefully, my son, lest ye be bitten by the bear.”

For this very, limited-edition 2022 reproduction kit, they've gone with a 21” TT, upgraded to a CNC-machined HT and laser-cut drops and added fractional-ratios to the gear chart. A 1” threaded headset and 1” seatpost clamp and sticker set are included with each kit.

Kit comprises:
S&M Challanger Frame in Chrome, Red or Yellow. 21” TT only.
S&M 1" threaded fork. Chrome. 
Seat clamp.
Geometry: 74.5 HT, 11.6” BB, 9.25” Stand Over, 14.25” Chain Stay, 3/8 Dropouts, 1” Head Tube, USA BB, Compatible with Caliper Brakes.

Parts list:
S&M Bikes X Alans BMX 40 Years Shafted Redneck Stem
Tall Order Ramp Bar Chrome 8.5" rise
A'ME BMX Cam Grips
Cult 510 chain
Redline Flight cranks 175mm
Sealed bearing US bottom bracket
Profile Racing Whippit sprocket, 44T
Halo MX hubs, sealed bearings, 36H
Halo stainless spokes
Tall Order Ramp rims Chrome
4-Jeri 16T freewheel
Odyssey Aitken P-Lytes Tyres 1.90"
Oxford 15" seatpost
S&M Bikes Thin Embossed railed seat
Odyssey Sidewinder brake lever
Dia-Compe Bulldog brake
S&M Pad set