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Passport Business Class Gel Comfort Saddle Black

Brand: Passport


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Brand: Passport

The fast and comfortable way to travel.

This Trekking-sport style saddle is the ideal saddle for those that want to travel in comfort and style without fuss.

Comfort focussed, the Sporty Business Class includes many of our leading features except suspension.

Universal male/female suitable.

  • Sqidgtech Gel padding: High performance synthetic foam material with memory capability that disperses pressure points and greatly improves comfort on long rides. Try it!
  • Double Density Base: The saddle base is made using a supportive, stable semi-rigid skeleton fused with a soft flexible krayton material beneath contact points that flexes to reduce pressure on body tissues and so enhances your comfort.
  • O-zone relief area: The base design features an area that is completely open around your body's more sensitive areas, so avoiding pressure and discomfort.
  • Durable Anti-Scuff Panels: You know how it is, you just leant the bike against the wall for a moment, and that's it, another saddle wrecked... not any more; Passport Club Class saddles feature tough, durable scuff resistant panels that will shrug-off being connected to the roughest of surfaces with ease.


  • PaddingMemory Foam
  • Size250 x 175mm
  • ColourBlack