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SE Bikes Narler Stem

Brand: SE Bikes

Code: SEBST002BK000

3 Available

Code: SEBST002BU000

2 Available

Code: SEBST002GL000

5 Available

Code: SEBST002RD000

5 Available

Code: SEBST002SL000

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Brand: SE Bikes

Inspired by a classic design from the 80’s and named after a legendary SoCal BMX track, the SE Bikes Narler stem embodies the true essence of retro BMX. Available in Black, blue, red, silver or gold.  

1-1/8" threadless 

• CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum

55mm reach

28mm stack height

• SE Wing logo on top and bottom

Can be inverted

Cr-Mo bolts

Available in black, silver, red, blue or gold