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Colony Oz One Frame Chrome/White

Brand: Colony

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Brand: Colony


Well since posting some pics on Instagram of this little project we have been working on for a year or so, it looks like we almost broke the internet. Very pleased to see the amazing response the Oz-One has received. I always dreamed about having an Ozone from back in the day but like most of us, could never make that dream become a reality. 30 years later, this will be as close as many of us will get to having our own.

The Oz-One takes inspiration from a golden period of BMX & brings it in a modern, rideable package that will surely bring smiles to those riding one. Geometry will be very close to the Prody Frame that we make, also an inspired frame from years gone by. Available in three size choices… 19.5″, 20.5″ & 21″ in White over Chrome only. 

Clint Millar/COLONY BMX

  • Colony Oz-One Frame.
  • Retro BMX inspired twin top tube frame.
  • 19.5″ & 20.5″ top tube sizes.
  • Modern geometry & materials.
  • Full 4130 CrMo.
  • Heat treated integrated head tube, longer length of 117.5mm.
  • Heat treated MID BB.
  • Heat treated 6mm thick with built in chain tensioner.
  • Tapered down tube & rear stays.
  • External Gusset on DT.
  • Built-in seat clamp with replaceable nut & bolt.
  • 13.6” slammed rear, 75.2º HA, 71º ST.
  • 11.5″ BB Height.
  • Stand over height 8.3″ (centre of BB shell to centre of TT).
  • The Colony Oz-One frame comes in White over the Chrome.
  • These will be a one time offering, limited edition.