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Pro-Tec Helmet JR Classic Fit Certified Matte Black

Brand: Pro-Tec

Code: PRT-PHE-9164

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Brand: Pro-Tec

We took the Classic and fitted our Twist Fit System – a dual directional ratcheting adjustment dial.

We added a magnetic Fid-Lock buckle to eliminate those pesky neck pinches and for ease of use with little fingers, then we miniaturised it for the youngest of rippers.

Available in Kids Sizes: XXXS : 47-49 cm / XXS: 49-51 cm / XS: 52-54 cm / S: 54-56cm

• Shell: Durable and tough, Injection moulded ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).

• Liner: High impact absorbing EPS foam (expanded polystyrene).

• Vents: 11 open holes for ventilation.

• Interior: Compression moulded padding.

• Fitting: Twist fit system, dual directional ratcheting system to dial in the fit!.

The Twist Fit system is perfect to help dial in the fit, allowing you to make small adjustments as required and to allow the Helmet to grow with you little ripper as they do.

• Nylon webbing strap with the Fid-lock magnetic buckle

• Certification: CE EN 1078 European Saftey Standard

The JR. Classic FIT Certified Helmet is equipped with EPS foam which is EN (European Standard) Certified for skateboarding, cycling and roller skating in Europe.

Pro-Tec does the science so you don’t have to.
Protection for Progression!

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