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Chris Smith

Chris has been roasting the local scene of Manchester for years now, he's your favourite riders favourite rider and has managed to fly under the radar for a while now. We first got a taste of Chris through the BNGBNGMCR crew when Thaddeus mentioned that Chris had been working on a video part for the BNGBNG KYSFB DVD.
Chris Smith Radio Bikes Nemesis
We ended up taking Chris to the Backyard Jam series in 2019 and saw first hand his riding and how consistant he was. And over the last few months have really seen Chris push the Manchester scene.
Chris also took part in the Vans The Circle video project getting the ender clip and smashing it when out riding with the lads.
Chris Smith Radio Bikes Nemesis Frame
Chris is hooked up by Radio Bikes through Moore Large. Riding his Nemesis frame chris has been shredding like mad and we cant wait to see more from him in the future.
What's your name and where are you from?
Chris Smith is my name and I come from Stockport.
Where and who do you normally ride with?
Normally I ride in Manchester or have a South Chad skatepark session with the BNGBNGMCR boys.
What's your favourite part on your bike and why? 
Favourite part gotta be the Radio Bikes Nemesis Frame never had a matt coloured frame before but digging this one!
Anything special you do with your bike that you can't live without? (Customisations or setup preference)
Nothing in particular I just keep the seat low and Tires hard.
Favourite Jam/Contest you been too?
Backyard Jam all day loads of uk shredders and everyones there for a good time.
Favourite overseas riding spot?
Id say Hannover in Germany it had crazy spots good people and the scenery outside the city was beautiful.
What's your worst crash/injury from riding?
Worst injury I've had is breaking my hand even tho i did it in a foam pit haha.
What do you like to do when your not riding?
All sorts I've always been into woodwork so I'm always finding pallets or old stuff to make look cool again, love abit of swimming after a good bmx session. Apart from that just hanging with the boys and the mrs, camping, finding views and other random endeavours!
Favourite rider you look upto?
Gonna have to be rider(s) because everyone is so good but top few I guess Dennis, Peraza, Simone and Alex hiam.
Favourite video part?
Simone Barraco - what could go wrong 
Any video parts you been in? (Link them)
Yee BNGBNGMCR KYFB all the boys are in it. 

Checkout Chris' parts on his bike below:

Radio Nemesis 21"
Saltplus HQ Fork Black
Primo Integrated Headset
Saltplus HQ Bars 
Eclat Slattery stem 
Fly Devon grips 
my Ankle 
my Tendons 
Radio Team seat 
a purple one Greeney gave me years ago!
Intergrated radio badboy 
Eclat Spire Cranks
Arcane module 22mm
Demolition Trooper pedals 
KMC 710
Front Hub
Front Spokes
Front Rim
Eclat Polar Aero 
Rear Rim
Volume OEM
Rear Hub
Volume OEM
Rear Spokes
Volume OEM
Front Tyre
Primo V-monster 
Rear Tyre
Demolition Hammerhead 
Radio Axis 
Hub Guard/s
Saltplus front guards and a Universal one on back
Follow on instagram: @chri5mith
Check out Chris welcome to Radio Bikes edit here:
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